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Metro Tunnel

Western tunnel entrance location and features

The western tunnel entrance will be located alongside the existing rail corridor near South Kensington station. A decline structure, or descending tracks, will be built so that trains can enter the Metro Tunnel.

From the western tunnel entrance, the tunnels will pass under Moonee Ponds Creek and CityLink before connecting to the new underground station at Arden.

Western Tunnel Entrance map

Feedback on design

A comprehensive program of public engagement and consultation has been underway since early 2015, and feedback has informed planning and design.

Key feedback on the western tunnel entrance included:

  • The importance of managing impacts on traffic and parking on local streets
  • The importance of minimising impacts on JJ Holland Park and other well utilised community facilities
  • Concerns about the proposed tunnel entrance location being too close to residential properties. This resulted in further design work for the western tunnel entrance, ultimately reducing the number of properties required from 22 (including residential and commercial properties) to one residential property
  • Longer term urban design changes to the local area, including the height and design of the retaining wall (or noise walls if required)
  • Maintaining access to the business estate for larger vehicles.

Project planning process

The Metro Tunnel Project was assessed through an Environment Effects Statement (EES) process. Two options for the location of the western tunnel entrance were assessed as part of this process.

Following public consultation on the EES and further design work, the project land required to construct the western tunnel entrance was confirmed. The project land in Kensington specifies the area that will be used to construct the Metro Tunnel Project.