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Metro Tunnel

HV Tower works

The relocation of high voltage (HV) transmission lines away from Childers Street is nearing completion.

All permanent transmission towers are now in place and the temporary and existing towers have been removed from Childers Street.

These towers have been relocated to make way for the construction and operation of the western tunnel entrance.


Works to string new HV transmission lines and restring (transfer) existing HV transmission lines between towers was undertaken in two stages:

  • Ongoing stringing new transmission lines between permanent tower 33 on Hobsons Road and permanent tower 34, and from permanent tower 34 to permanent tower 35.
  • Safely restringing the existing transmission lines from the temporary towers along Childers Street to permanent tower 33 and permanent tower 34.

Map showing the locations of HV Tower works in August

Hobsons Road site

Works to finalise the relocation of the HV transmission towers will take place within the Metro Tunnel site on the corner of Hobsons and Kensington roads.

Drainage works

New stormwater pits will be installed within the construction site. These works are expected to generate low to medium levels of noise.

Driveway construction

A permanent driveway will be constructed for maintenance access from Kensington Road to permanent tower 33.

What to be aware of

  • A single northbound lane closure on Kensington Road between Hobsons Road and the rail bridge will be required. A shuttle flow arrangement will be in place to safely direct traffic, pedestrians and cyclists around the work area.
  • Access to private properties and businesses will be maintained at all times.
  • These works are expected to generate intermittent periods of medium level noise.


  • 7am – 6pm, Monday to Friday
  • 7am – 5pm, Saturdays.


Additional information about these works was presented at the community meeting with residents in April (PDF, 3.2 MB).

High voltage transmission tower locations

Legacy high voltage transmission tower alignment

This image shows the legacy high voltage transmission tower alignment with the line running south of the railway line before crossing Kensington Road