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Metro Tunnel

Construction in North Melbourne

The new North Melbourne Station will trigger a transformation of an industrial precinct to a thriving commercial and residential community located just minutes from the CBD.

Current work notifications

Start dateWhere What is happening?

21 May - 11 June

Laurens Street

Disconnecting existing sewer and water mains from 7am - 6pm, weekdays and 7am - 1pm, Saturdays.

Traffic will be limited to one lane around works sites at small sections of both lanes and the western footpath of Laurens Street. Traffic controllers will divert and assist cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists.

Expect medium levels of noise and seven parking spaces to be occupied during works.

A section of footpath opposite Queensberry Street, will be closed during works to modify entrance gates into the construction site. During the closure, a perimeter will be established within the
northbound lane to accommodate a temporary pedestrian diversion.

Cycling and vehicle access on Laurens Street will be maintained at all times.

To undertake these works, we will need to temporarily occupy up to seven parking spaces on Laurens Street.

The closure will be in place from Friday 18 to Saturday 26 May, within the hours of 7am – 6pm, Monday to Friday and 7am – 1pm, Saturdays.

For more information, see the Laurens Street notification (PDF, 489.6 KB).

May 2018

Arden work site

A range of service works, relocations, constructions, piling, and tree trimming will be continuing at the Arden site, including:

  • Installation of groundwater monitoring wells.
  • Sampling and testing to understand soil quality and identify the presence of any contaminated soil that will need to be appropriately managed during excavation.
  • Service scanning and non-destructive drilling (NDD) to confirm the location of underground services.
  • One tree on Laurens Street will be trimmed for site facilities.
  • Piling and construction of the D-walls for the station box.

These works will commence from 7am to 6pm, weekdays and 7am to 1pm, Saturdays.

Impacts include:

  • Intermittent periods of medium to high level noise, however, on most days noise levels are expected to be in the low to medium range.
  • Up to 50 trucks per day are required to deliver concrete, equipment, and remove spoil for piling and D-wall construction.
  • Construction vehicles and trucks will access the site via Laurens and Arden streets.
  • Construction traffic will not be permitted to park on local roads.
  • Water carts, street sweepers and soil binding sprays will be used to manage dust during construction.

For more information, see the May update (PDF, 6.8 MB).

Additional work is required to complete the installation of one groundwater monitoring well in JJ Holland Park and one at the southern end of Ormond Street. These works will be undertaken from Thursday 24 May to Friday 8 June 2018, within the hours of 7am – 6pm, Monday to Friday, and 7am – 1pm Saturdays (if required).

Brief periods of loud noise may be associated with ground breaking and non-destructive drilling, but subsequent drilling activities are expected to generate noise levels similar to an idle truck engine.

23 April - 21 May

Arden work site

Works to remove some remaining pile foundations at the far western end of the Arden Station (to be renamed North Melbourne) construction site will commence.

This activity will involve removing piles using a piling rig, creter crane, excavator and drum roller. Concrete grinding will occur during the pile removal process which is expected to generate intermittent periods of high level noise while some vibration might be experienced when the drum roller is in use.

These works will be undertaken from 7am to 6pm on weekdays and 7am to 5pm on Saturdays.

Overview of works in North Melbourne

From 2017 works in North Melbourne have included service relocation, tree and vegetation removal and demolition of existing buildings within Government-owned land.

Beginning March 2018, Cross Yarra Partnership will commence site establishment and preparation activities, including the installation of site offices and facilities, piling and preparation for excavation of the station box.

Read more:

About the new North Melbourne station

The new underground station will be located near the corner of Arden Street and Laurens Street. It will be located within walking distance of the North Melbourne Recreation Centre and Arden Street Oval as well as the 57 tram and several bus routes. Read more about North Melbourne Station.

The existing North Melbourne Station will be renamed West Melbourne to better reflect its location.

The new North Melbourne Station will be built via a 'cut and cover' method, with the station box excavated from the bottom up and a roof slab placed over the top of the site. Underground construction activities will take place 24/7 once the roof slab has been installed. Read more about building North Melbourne Station.

North Melbourne Station will support the expansion of the central city and provide a focus for the development of a new commercial, residential and activity centre. Visit the Renewing Arden Macaulay website (external website).

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