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Metro Tunnel

Building Arden Station

Arden Station will be built via a 'cut and cover' method, with the station box excavated from the bottom up and a roof slab placed over the top of the site. Underground construction activities will take place 24/7 once the roof slab has been installed.

The North Melbourne site will also play a key role in supporting the construction of the western section of the Metro Tunnel. Tunnel boring machines (TBMs) were launched towards the western tunnel entrance in Kensington from this location in 2019 and will relaunch towards Parkville in 2020. The site will house a number of important facilities including offices, a concrete batching facility, storage areas for the concrete segments that will line the rail tunnels and facilities to manage excavated materials.

Construction activities

Key construction activities for the Arden Station include:

  • Preparatory works, including demolition of buildings, land clearing and the relocation and protection of underground services such as water, gas and electricity
  • Site area set up including offices, stormwater management, materials storage and access roads
  • TBM launch site
  • Excavation of the station box
  • Structural works, including the station entrance connection to Laurens Street
  • Architectural, mechanical and electrical fit out
  • Track works and the installation of signalling and communications systems
  • Site remediation including landscaping

Managing construction impacts

Environmental Performance Requirements (EPRs) have been developed in consultation with key stakeholders throughout the Metro Tunnel's planning process to avoid, reduce or manage construction impacts in Arden. Find out more about managing construction impacts.

Excavation of the station box

TBM assembly and tunnelling

In mid-2019, two tunnel boring machines (TBMs) were assembled at the Arden Station site.

Managing traffic and transport

The construction of Arden Station will require some changes to local traffic conditions to allow trucks to transport excavated material from site.

Construction traffic routes have been developed that focus on moving trucks and other construction traffic to CityLink as directly as possible. Traffic routes include Laurens Street, Arden Street, Dryburgh Street, Dynon Road and Macaulay Road.

Temporary traffic and cycling diversions in other nearby streets may be required at times to ensure the safety of cyclists and other road users.

Truck movements and routes during construction

  • Up to 200 trucks per day are expected to travel to and from the construction site
  • Construction vehicles and trucks will access the site via Laurens and Arden streets.
    • After 6:00pm, all construction vehicles will enter and exit via Arden Street.
  • All trucks carrying excavated materials will be covered, and water carts and street sweepers will be sued to minimise the spread of dust.
  • Rumble grids are being installed to remove debris from the wheels of vehicles to minimise the spread of dirt on local roads.

Construction timeframes

As one of the project's key construction sites, it is estimated that work in North Melbourne will take around eight years.

The Metro Tunnel is on track to be completed by 2025, which accounts for construction works above and below ground, tunnels and stations fit-out, as well as installation and testing of critical safety systems and the High Capacity Signalling which needs to be integrated with existing network systems.

The estimated project timelines are due to the scale and complexity of the Metro Tunnel construction, along with Melbourne's challenging ground conditions. Rail Projects Victoria and Cross Yarra Partnership will work to deliver the project to Victorians as early as possible while maintaining the highest safety and quality standards.

Construction timeline for Arden station 2020