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Building the Arden Station entrance

The new Arden Station will echo North Melbourne’s rich industrial history and character.

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How we are building the station entrance

The station’s key architectural feature will be a massive brick archway, made up of 15 individual arches, 52 precast concrete segments and 104,000 bricks, that will serve as the station’s landmark entrance.

The archway’s bricks are locally made in Victoria and then constructed into precast segments at a facility in South Australia – the only precast concrete business in Australia with the capacity for such logistically challenging work. Each brick is hand-cut to fit into the arches and then secured to the concrete segments using stainless steel ties, mesh and epoxy. Each segment weighs between 45 and 50 tonnes.

The 15 main arches are made up of these individual segments, slotting together to create the arch structure. There are 34 different segments, each requiring complex mould changes to shape key elements of the entrance including door openings and ticket windows.

Each arch segment is created using a pre-cast concrete and steel mould into which the concrete is poured and the brick segments are set.

The arches’ steel reinforcement cages are custom built to the design of each concrete frame. The cages are placed into the moulds before the segments are poured.

The arch segments will be delivered to the Arden Station site progressively in the coming months and installed during the second half of 2021.

An extensive set of steel formwork will be set up on location to support installation of the arches. The arches will then be installed over the top and the formwork removed.

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Station entrance construction gallery

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