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Metro Tunnel

Overview of works in North Melbourne

Major construction of the Metro Tunnel is underway at the North Melbourne construction site.

The current phase of works involves ongoing site establishment and support facility construction, station box excavation and frame construction, and starting work on the station box base slab.

Ongoing Works

Construction works at the site of the future North Melbourne Station include:

  • Ongoing site development activities including construction storage, laydown areas and modifications to existing gates and hoarding on Laurens and Arden streets.
  • Large cranes will be used to move and connect TBM pieces at ground level and lower them into the station box.
  • Works to trim piles that support the station box
  • Concreting of internal haulage roads and installation of rumble grids
  • Short-term lane closures on Laurens Street to allow for service investigations, utility connections and gate modifications
  • Road cleaning on Arden and Laurens streets to minimise the spread of dirt on local roads

Current Works

TBM assembly and tunnelling

From mid-February 2019

The two TBMs to dig the Metro Tunnel are being assembled at the North Melbourne construction site.

A crawler crane will be used to lift the TBM parts off the truck where they will be stored on site and, later, moved into the station box so that they can be assembled.

The first TBM is expected to launch in late-August 2019.

Station box construction

Ongoing until December 2019

  • A temporary 25-metre wide roof will be constructed over the middle section of the station box. This area will be used to store the concrete segments that will line the tunnels, once tunnelling commences
  • Station box excavation and installation of the station box frame (steel struts) at the eastern end of the station box
  • Breaking back sections of concrete piles at the bottom of the station box using jackhammers
  • Once excavation is complete, a concrete base slab will be constructed using concrete trucks and pumps. Sections of struts will be removed from the station box once the base slab has been constructed
  • These activities will be undertaken at night as well as during the day and are expected to generate low to medium levels of noise
  • Concrete pouring activities may commence before 7am and extend beyond 6pm, Monday to Saturday. This may include the early arrival of concrete trucks to site and operation of the concrete batching plant
  • Unless otherwise notified, construction vehicles will enter and exit the site via Arden Street after 6pm.

What to be aware of

  • Up to 200 trucks per day are expected to travel to and from site during August and September. Construction vehicles and trucks will access the site via Laurens and Arden streets
  • All trucks carrying excavated materials will be covered, and water carts and street sweepers will be used to minimise the spread of dust
  • Rumble grids are being installed to remove debris from the wheels of vehicles to minimise the spread of dirt on local roads.

Regular working hours

Works will take place from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday.

Work activities after 1pm on Saturdays will be restricted to pile foundation removal, station box excavation and strutting, base slab construction and site establishment activities. These activities are expected to generate low levels of noise. After 1pm on Saturdays, all construction vehicles will enter and exit the site via Arden Street.

Out of hours works

Out of hours works will be required to support station box construction and excavation activities.

  • All out of hours works are expected to generate low levels of noise
  • After 6pm, all construction vehicles will enter and exit the site via Arden Street.

6pm – 10pm, Monday to Friday

  • Station box excavation inside the excavated station box.
  • Base slab construction.

10pm – 7am, Monday to Friday nights

  • Station box excavation, inside the excavated station box and base slab construction will occur overnight, as well as during the day
  • Over-size equipment deliveries to and from site, as required. These activities are not expected to be noisy. Due to the use of over-sized vehicles, these deliveries must be made at night when roads are quieter
  • Use of a crawler crane to unload oversize deliveries
  • Concrete pouring activities may commence at 6.30am, Monday to Saturday
  • Road cleaning on Arden Street will be undertaken at night, to reduce disruptions to traffic. Traffic flow will be maintained in both directions during this work.

Asbestos removal

It is not unusual or unexpected for asbestos to be present in demolished industrial sites, as it was commonly used in construction material until the 1980s. Asbestos has been identified at this site and we anticipate that more asbestos will be found as works progress.

Removal of asbestos will be undertaken by qualified personnel, in accordance with WorkSafe Victoria’s Compliance Code 2008 for Removing Asbestos in Workplaces. Removal of asbestoscontaining materials by licensed removalists does not pose any safety risk to site staff or the public.