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Metro Tunnel

Overview of works in North Melbourne

Major construction of the Metro Tunnel is underway in North Melbourne.

The project’s first two tunnel boring machines (TBMs) are tunnelling from the site of the new Arden Station towards Kensington. The base slab of the station box is complete and concreting is now underway to construct the internal walls of the new station.

Look ahead for early 2020

Ongoing works

Work at the site of the Arden Station during December and January involves:

  • Tunnelling from North Melbourne towards Kensington
  • Out of hours oversize deliveries to and from site
  • Station box construction
  • Slurry treatment plant, water treatment plant and concrete batching plant operation
  • Utility investigations on Laurens, Barwise and Queensberry streets
  • Surveying, and sampling and testing of groundwater and soil
  • Transporting concrete from the concrete batching plant to other Metro Tunnel Project construction sites
  • Ground improvement works on Lothian Street, North Melbourne.

North Melbourne

TBM assembly and tunnelling

The first two Metro Tunnel Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM) TBM Joan and TBM Meg have launched from the site of the new Arden Station and are tunnelling towards Kensington.

Tunnelling from North Melbourne to Parkville will begin in 2020.

Find out more about TBMs and our twin tunnels.

Traffic and transport impacts

  • Up to 200 trucks per day are expected to travel to and from site during December and January. Construction vehicles and trucks will access the site via Laurens and Arden streets
  • All trucks carrying excavated materials will be covered, and water carts and street sweepers will be used to minimise the spread of dust
  • Rumble grids have been installed to remove debris from the wheels and carriages of vehicles to minimise the spread of dirt on local roads.

Utility investigation works

  • Utility investigations will involve the intermittent closure of Laurens and Barwise streets down to one lane. Traffic will be maintained in both directions via a shuttle flow arrangement
  • Some on-street parking spaces may be temporarily impacted on Barwise, Queensberry and Laurens streets
  • Sections of footpath on Laurens Street, adjacent to works, may be temporarily closed during works
  • Access to businesses will be maintained at all times
  • Signage and traffic controllers will be in place to direct vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians around the work area.

Normal construction hours

Work will take place 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday and 7am to 1pm, Saturdays.

Some activities may be required to continue slightly past these hours. All efforts will be made to complete activities as scheduled.

Asbestos removal

It is not unusual or unexpected for asbestos to be present in demolished industrial sites, as it was commonly used in construction material until the 1980s. Asbestos has been identified at this site and we anticipate that more asbestos will be found as works progress.

Removal of asbestos will be undertaken by qualified personnel, in accordance with WorkSafe Victoria’s Compliance Code 2008 for Removing Asbestos in Workplaces. Removal of asbestos containing materials by licensed removalists does not pose any safety risk to site staff or the public.