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Metro Tunnel

Building Parkville Station

Work is underway on Grattan Street to build Parkville Station.

Construction activities

Construction of Parkville Station will take around five years. Key construction activities include:

  • Preparatory works, including tree protection and removal and the relocation of underground services
  • Road closures and site establishment
  • Piling and excavation of the station box
  • Structural works for the station box
  • Station entrance construction and mined excavation of a pedestrian underpass under the Grattan Street and Elizabeth Street/Royal Parade intersection
  • Station architectural, plumbing, mechanical and electrical fit out
  • Rail system works including the installation of track, signalling and communications
  • Site remediation including landscaping and public realm works, including final service relocations
  • New road layout.

There are two construction sites for works at Parkville:

  • Grattan Street west (between Flemington Road and Elizabeth Street/Royal Parade)
  • Grattan Street east (between Royal Parade/Elizabeth Street and Leicester Street).

The project team continues to work closely with key stakeholders throughout the planning and construction of Parkville Station to avoid, reduce and manage construction impacts in line with our Environmental Performance Requirements (EPRs). Find out more about how we are managing construction impacts across the project.

Map for Parkville pedestrian and cyclist pathways

Construction look ahead for 2021

Parkville construction look ahead

Station construction

Royal Parade pedestrian underpass

Major construction of a pedestrian underpass beneath Royal Parade, which will connect the entrances in the hospital precinct to the station’s underground concourse, commenced in mid-late 2021 and will be ongoing until mid-2022.

Diagram showing constructin process of an underpass at Grattan Street, ParkvilleIndicative and not to scale

For more information, see our Royal Parade pedestrian underpass fact sheet (PDF, 1.1 MB).

Grattan Street west

Construction of the station entrance on Grattan Street, next to the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre began in May 2020. The second stage of works commenced in March 2021, involving station entrance construction adjacent to The Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Station entrance construction will involve:

  • Site establishment
  • Piling
  • Excavation
  • Construction of a roof slab
  • Following roof slab construction, excavation will continue underground, through a void in the roof slab
  • Permanent structure works include construction of walls, base slab, and above ground structures
  • Final service relocations, reinstatement, urban realm and landscaping will then be completed.

Grattan Street west piling works

Grattan Street east

Construction inside of the station box at the Grattan Street east site began in November 2019.

Station box construction involves:

  • Building a base slab, station levels, internal walls, columns, platforms, roof and architectural elements
  • Roof slab construction will involve the removal of the temporary deck, strut removal and backfilling for site access
  • Staged pile removal to facilitate the connection of station areas into the station box
  • Installation of services and facilities.

Parkville Station is being built using a ‘bottom up’ methodology. This involves excavating the box down to its maximum depth, construction and fit out of the box, followed by installation of mechanical and electrical equipment to operate the station. Once the station is complete the road surface will be reinstated over the top.

Construction of station entrances and station support facilities began in 2020. These works will involve:

  • Construction of the Royal Parade station entrance, on the northeast corner of the Grattan Street and Royal Parade/Elizabeth Street intersection
  • Construction of a retail area for the station on the northern side of the station box
  • Construction of a goods lift near Leicester Street, to provide access to the station for operational activities (such as deliveries and waste removal)
  • Construction of two tunnel ventilation shafts (TVSs) and a chiller plant. The TVSs will assist in balancing air pressure within the tunnels, which is caused by the movement of trains, and assist in an emergency. The chiller plant will act as a cooling system for the station.

Parkille station works


Excavation of the station box began in November 2019 and finished in April 2020. The station box is up to 32 metres deep and around 270 metres long. A temporary deck was installed over the work site to minimise noise and dust while excavation went on underneath. Sections of temporary deck are progressively removed to enable construction of the roof slab.

Excavation of secondary station areas including the northeast emergency exit, goods lift and TVSs will continue until early 2022.

Tunnelling at Parkville

In May and June 2020 two tunnel boring machines (TBMs), Joan and Meg, were launched separately from the Arden Station site towards the Parkville Station site. Joan broke through at Parkville in late August 2020, and Meg broke through at Parkville in late September 2020.

After arriving at Parkville, the TBMs were transferred from the western end of the station box to the eastern end. TBM Joan relaunched from Parkville towards the new State Library Station site in October and TBM Meg began a parallel journey in November 2020. All four TBMs digging the Metro Tunnel’s 6.3 metre-high, twin 9km tunnels have now completed their works after 20 months.

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