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Metro Tunnel

Transport changes in Parkville

As construction of the new Parkville Station continues, there will be some changes to how you drive, cycle and walk around the precinct.

Short-term lane closures, Elizabeth Street, Haymarket Roundabout and Pelham Street

  • Lane closures from 7pm to 5am on Monday 1 February for up to three weeks on:
    • The Elizabeth Street southbound centre lane from Grattan Street to Haymarket Roundabout,
    • Haymarket roundabout southbound lanes
    • Pelham Street eastbound lane between Haymarket Roundabout and Berkeley Street
  • Cyclists travelling eastbound on Pelham Street from Haymarket Roundabout are required to dismount and walk their bikes (refer to map)
  • Local diversions will be in place and access will be maintained for residents
  • For more information visit Parkville, service works notification, January 2021 (PDF, 308.1 KB).

Map of short-term lane closures

Long term road and lane closures

  • Grattan Street westbound lanes closed to vehicles, between Flemington Road and Elizabeth Street/Royal Parade, from February 2020 for three years.
  • Grattan Street eastbound is currently closed to public vehicles
  • The right hand-turn from Royal Parade southbound lane into Grattan Street is closed to public vehicles.
  • Access to hospitals, hospital car park, and ambulances will be maintained at all times.

Parkville service relocations map

  • Grattan Street closed to vehicles between Royal Parade and Leicester Street (for up to five years).
  • Barry Street (between Pelham Street and Grattan Street) is also closed to vehicles for up to five years.
  • Queensberry Street was widened to two traffic lanes between Elizabeth and Rathdowne streets to give road users heading east-west across the city an additional option to Grattan and Victoria streets.

Pedestrians and cyclists

There will be changes to how pedestrians and cyclists travel in the area.

Grattan Street, between Flemington Road and Elizabeth Street/Royal Parade

Pedestrian access is maintained using the covered pedestrian walkway adjacent to the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Cyclist access is maintained eastbound under traffic control. Cyclist travelling to Flemington Road from Elizabeth Street/Royal Parade are asked to dismount their bicycle and use the path on the north side of Grattan Street.

Grattan Street between Royal Parade/ Elizabeth Street and Leicester Street

Pedestrian access is maintained using the covered pedestrian walkway constructed in front of the University of Melbourne’s Medical Building. This walkway is for pedestrian access only.

Cyclist access is unavailable and cyclists are asked to dismount their bicycle and use the path on the south side of Grattan Street. The entrance to the Medical Building on Grattan Street is available via the pedestrian walkway. All other entrances to the building remain unchanged.

On the south side, pedestrian access is maintained. For the safety of all users, cyclists are requested to dismount and walk their bicycle.

Access to the Alan Gilbert Building and the Peter Doherty Institute is available via the covered pedestrian walkways.

Changes to the bicycle network

While there are restrictions to bicycle paths along Grattan Street between Royal Parade and Leicester Street, a number of changes have been made across the bicycle network to help keep cyclists moving, including redesigning some intersections and road layouts.

Queensberry Street between Elizabeth Street and Rathdowne Street has been modified to allow traffic to flow more efficiently through the north of the city. The bicycle lanes on both sides of Queensberry Street have been improved, providing a dedicated route for cyclists.

Parkville construction map

Public transport network


Trams will continue to run along Royal Parade. However, there will need to be some temporary changes to the public transport network during construction. Any changes to tram services will be communicated in advance.


On 18 February 2018, the 401, 402, 403, 505 and 546 bus services were re-routed around the Grattan Street work site. Information about the changed bus routes and current timetables are available on the Public Transport Victoria website.