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Metro Tunnel

Building Parkville Station

Parkville Station will be built via a 'cut and cover' method, with a roof slab placed over the top of the site. Underground construction activities will take place 24/7 once the roof slab and acoustic treatments have been installed.

The excavation beneath Royal Parade will be mined to minimise disruption during construction to this key transport route. Areas above the University Square car park, Barry Street and along Elizabeth Street will be used as construction support sites.

Construction activities

Key construction activities in Parkville include:

  • Preparatory works, including tree protection and removal and the relocation of underground services such as telecommunications, water, sewer, gas and electricity.
  • Road closures and site establishment.
  • Excavation of the station box and tunnels.
  • Structural works and entrance connections.
  • Tunnel boring machine pull-through and retrieval.
  • Architectural, mechanical and electrical fit out.
  • Track works and the installation of signalling, safety and communications systems.
  • Site remediation including landscaping and public realm works.
  • New road layout.

Traffic and transport

The construction of the station will require Grattan Street to be closed to traffic between Royal Parade and Leicester Street for up to five years. At times, lane closures will also be needed on Grattan Street between Royal Parade and Flemington Road.

Temporary changes to the local public transport network will be required. The 401, 402, 403, 505 and 546 bus services will be rerouted around the station work site. Construction of a new tram stop on Royal Parade and related roadworks will also result in short-term disruptions to Route 19 tram services.

Managing impacts in Parkville

Environmental Performance Requirements (EPRs) have been developed in consultation with key stakeholders throughout Metro Tunnel's planning process to avoid, reduce or manage construction impacts in Parkville. Find out more about managing construction impacts.

Construction timeframes

It is estimated that construction of Parkville Station will take around five years.

The Metro Tunnel is on track to be completed by 2025, which accounts for construction works above and below ground, tunnels and stations fit-out, as well as installation and testing of critical safety systems and the high capacity signalling which needs to be integrated with existing network systems.

The estimated project timelines are due to the scale and complexity of the Metro Tunnel construction, along with Melbourne's challenging ground conditions. Rail Projects Victoria (RPV) and the construction contractors will work to deliver the project to Victorians as early as possible while maintaining the highest safety  and quality standards.