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Metro Tunnel

Parkville precinct work notifications

Work is now underway in the Parkville Precinct to support construction of a new underground station.

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TimingWhere What is happening

2 April-May 2019

Grattan Street West

To prepare for service relocations on Grattan Street west later this year, service investigations are required between Flemington Road and Royal Parade, as well as on Elizabeth Street/Royal Parade.

There will be temporary, staged lane closures required during service investigations including a closure of the northbound service lane on Royal Parade/Elizabeth Street from Haymarket roundabout to just north of the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Vehicle access, including for emergency services, will be maintained at all times.

These works are expected to generate medium to high levels of noise associated with non-destructive digging (NDD) and saw cutting works.

For further information please see the works notification (PDF, 514.5 KB).

Ongoing- May 2019

City Ford site

Out of hours works to prepare, install and commission the gantry cranes within the City Ford site are continuing until May 2019.

These works must take place out of hours when no other activities are occurring on site.

These works are expected to generate low to medium levels of noise.

For further details, see the works notification (PDF, 361.4 KB).


Grattan Street East

Excavation of the station box and installation of the temporary deck is ongoing between Royal Parade and Leicester Street.

  • 7am to 10pm- excavation of the station box east of Berkeley Street
  • 10pm to 7am- associated activities to support excavation including installation of structural beams when required

During excavation, trucks will be used to transport equipment to and from site and remove excavated soil and rock.

Overnight deliveries of steel supports are continuing throughout 2019.

Out of hours works to prepare, install and commission the gantry cranes are continuing until May 2019.

For further details, see the works notification (PDF, 898.3 KB).


Barry Street

Site establishment works at Barry Street are ongoing.

These works involve saw cutting and NDD and may generate intermittent periods of high-level noise

A pedestrian bridge will be installed between Grattan and Barry streets in early May 2019.

04 Apr 2019 Parkville construction update April-May, April 2019 (PDF, 898.3 KB)
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