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Metro Tunnel

Construction impacts in South Yarra

In delivering the Metro Tunnel Project, we want to minimise the inconvenience and impacts of construction on local communities and the environment.

Environmental Performance Requirements (EPRs) have been developed in consultation with key stakeholders throughout Metro Tunnel's planning process to avoid, reduce or manage construction impacts.

Some of the recommended mitigation measures for the eastern tunnel entrance include:

  • Planning and carefully managing access routes to minimise impacts on residents and users of the area.
  • Providing advance notice of significant milestones, changed traffic condition and periods of potential high noise and vibration activities.
  • Undertaking property condition surveys before construction begins to record the existing condition of buildings and residences in close proximity to tunnels and construction sites.
  • Monitoring dust and air quality, in line with Environment Protection Authority Victoria requirements, and addressing air quality requirements for nearby residents and businesses.
  • Developing an occupations plan that minimises the disruption to railway services during construction.
  • Preserving the broader landscape and recreational values in the reinstatement of shared spaces like South Yarra Siding Reserve and Lovers Walk.

If you have any concerns about construction impacts in your area, please contact us on 1800 105 105 (24/7).