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Metro Tunnel

Eastern tunnel entrance construction overview

Construction is underway on the eastern tunnel entrance located within the South Yarra Siding Reserve.

Decline structure

A decline structure (descending tracks) will allow trains to enter the new Metro Tunnel near William Street and pass underneath the Sandringham and Frankston lines.

The decline structure and the tunnel entrance were completed in early 2021 via the 'cut and cover' method, which involved excavating from the top down, with the surface then reinstated over the top of the tunnels.

Eastern tunnel entrance decline structure, April 2020

Rail corridor widening

To construct the eastern tunnel entrance, the rail corridor between William and Chapel streets was widened and reconfigured to allow two additional tracks to be constructed. These new tracks will then enter the new Metro Tunnel via the new entrance.

RIA works March 2020

Tunnel boring machines

Tunnel boring machines (TBMs) have created the tunnels linking Anzac Station to the Cranbourne / Pakenham lines.

Two TBMs were launched separately from the Anzac Station site, travelling a distance of 1.7 kilometres towards a retrieval box built in the rail reserve between Osborne Street and the existing Sandringham line.

TBM Millie was launched in April 2020 and broke through in September. TBM Alice was launched in May 2020 and broke through in October. Along their journey, the TBMs lined the twin tunnels with concrete segments to form the tunnel walls.

The new tunnels pass under Osborne Street, Davis Avenue, Powell Street, Myrtle Street and Macfarlan Street, and travel west under Toorak Road and St Kilda Road to connect with the new Anzac Station.

Closure of South Yarra Siding Reserve

South Yarra Siding Reserve closed in 2018 and will be used to support construction activities for up to four years.

Construction lookahead