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Metro Tunnel

South Yarra Siding Reserve long term closure

South Yarra Siding Reserve is closed to facilitate construction of the eastern tunnel entrance for the Metro Tunnel.

What we are doing in the Reserve

A site compound was established within the Reserve to help facilitate access to the rail corridor and support construction.

These works included:

  • Site establishment (installing fencing around the reserve, site sheds and offices)
  • Removing trees and vegetation (find out more about how we are managing these impacts)
  • Construction support and access
  • Grading and levelling of the ground surface
  • Stockpiling of equipment and work materials.

When the construction of the eastern tunnel entrance is complete, South Yarra Siding Reserve will be reinstated and upgraded. Local residents will have an opportunity to provide input into the design of the new and improved South Yarra Siding Reserve.

Nearby parks and open spaces

The following nearby parks and open spaces are available as alternatives to South Yarra Siding Reserve during construction of the Metro Tunnel.

  • Como Park North, Williams Road North and Alexandra Avenue, South Yarra
  • Royal Botanic Gardens, Domain Road and Anderson Street
  • Fawkner Park, 24-28 Commercial Road, South Yarra
  • Caroline Street Reserve, Caroline Street, South Yarra
  • Windsor Siding, Union Street, Windsor
  • Argo Reserve, 83 Argo Street
  • Rockley Gardens, Rockley Road and Toorak Road, South Yarra
  • Grosvenor Street Reserve, 45 Grosvenor Street, South Yarra

Select a park on the map below to see the travel distances and times from South Yarra Siding Reserve.