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Metro Tunnel

Construction at West Footscray station

To get the most out of the new underground rail line and the relief it will provide to crowding, the Metro Tunnel Project are building a new passenger platform and additional track at West Footscray station.

New platform

From the first train on Monday 6 July 2020, the new platform will open at West Footscray Station.

Platform 1 can now be accessed for city-bound services via the concourse by taking the ramp or new lift down to the platform, or the new stairs on Cross Street

The new passenger platform will be located on the northern side of West Footscray station (Cross Street side) and will service city-bound trains coming from Sunbury in peak periods. The existing city-bound platform will be used for trains to start and finish services at West Footscray station.

Providing an additional platform for Sunbury line trains will also allow for an increase in the number of services and help ease overcrowding at West Footscray, Middle Footscray and Footscray stations during the morning and afternoon peaks. The new platform will also enable trains to start and finish services at West Footscray.

Overview of works

The works at West Footscray will involve realigning regional, suburban and freight tracks, construction of new tracks and turnbacks (to enable trains to change direction), a third passenger platform and alterations to the existing station concourse.

The Rail Infrastructure Alliance (RIA), which comprises Rail Projects Victoria, Metro Trains and a consortium of CPB, John Holland and AECOM, will construct the new platform and track at West Footscray.

Construction impacts

Construction of the new platform and track will be carefully planned to limit disruption to commuters and the local community.

Construction works may create noise, dust and vibration typical of a construction site for the duration of the works.

With construction taking place in the rail corridor, there will be some unavoidable disruption to rail services so these works can be undertaken safely.

Bus replacement services will be provided during these planned disruptions. There will be temporary impacts to station car parking on the Cross Street side of the station during construction.

Planning approvals

The Western Turnback will be delivered in two stages, Stage 1 (Rail Works) and Stage 2 (Station Works).

As part of the planning process for these works, RIA prepared two Development Plans which set out the scope and extent of the built form and urban design around the Metro Tunnel Project’s works at West Footscray station.

The Western Turnback Stage 1 (Rail Works) Development Plan set out required upgrades to rail infrastructure such as signalling and overhead wiring, access to the site such as temporary piling pads and rail crossings and initial modifications to the existing pedestrian and bicycle overpass.

The Western Turnback Development Plan – Stage 2 (Station Works) set out required surface works to construct the new passenger platform and additional track. It also outlined the functional layout and urban design proposed for the area at the end of construction.

The Development Plans involved engagement with stakeholders about the Western Turnback, including local and state agencies, local residents and businesses, rail commuters and the broader community.

The Development Plans have been approved by the Minister for Planning.

For more information visit our West Footscray Western Turnback Development Plan page.

Image showing the location of proposed new station platform at West Footscray station, on the Cross St side

Construction timeframes

Major construction works at West Footscray station are almost complete. The new platform will open on Monday 6 July 2020.

See the Sunbury Line construction page for details of current works in West Footscray and along the Sunbury line.

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