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Metro Tunnel

Travel advice for workplaces

Every organisation is unique and may be affected by the construction of the Metro Tunnel in different ways.

While the new tunnels and stations are built, road and public transport networks will be busier than normal and that could have an impact on four key areas of your workplace:

  • staff travel to and from the workplace.
  • business travel.
  • travel for your customers or other visitors.
  • deliveries, collections and supplier access.

How we can help

Rail Projects Victoria (RPV) has a team of transport advisors to help keep your workplace moving while major construction is underway.

We can help you prepare for upcoming changes by:

  • providing up to date information about changes to transport networks during Metro Tunnel construction.
  • sending you the regular Your Journey e-newsletter; please see below for details on how to sign up.
  • giving you an information pack to assist you in developing a Travel Action Plan for your workplace.
  • providing a template Travel Survey that you can adapt for your employees, visitors and suppliers to understand how they travel to and from your workplace.
  • producing fact sheets on promoting public transport, cycling and walking at your workplace.
  • presenting at briefings and drop-in sessions for your employees, executive team and building managers.

For large organisations tailored one-to-one advice is available from a dedicated travel advisor which can include:

  • undertaking a travel survey with your employees & visitors and analysing the results.
  • assisting in the development of a Travel Action Plan for your workplace.
  • offering ongoing support to help you implement your Travel Action Plan.

To find out more information please contact the Your Journey team directly.

Developing a Travel Action Plan

A Travel Action Plan is a package of sustainable travel initiatives tailored to suit an organisation so they can manage the transport needs of staff, visitors, patients, students and/or suppliers during Metro Tunnel construction.

Developing a tailored Travel Action Plan will help your organisation plan ahead for transport impacts.

Every organisation's plan will be different. However, all plans will contain a mix of sustainable options that enable people to travel safely and efficiently to and from your workplace.

Senior management leadership and support for your Travel Action Plan is important and will allow your workplace to better deliver travel solutions.

There is a range of travel options and initiatives your workplace can adopt to make travel easier during Metro Tunnel construction and help you plan ahead for transport impacts.

You can find more information in the fact sheets below (right click to open them in a new window), or by contacting RPV's Your Journey team.

Support for hospitals

Building the Metro Tunnel may mean hospitals need to change the way their staff, patients, visitors and suppliers travel to avoid and minimise delays.

This guide focuses on the ways we can help keep your hospital moving while major construction is underway.

Support for schools and universities

RPV has a range of resources for schools and universities to assist them in supporting their employees, students and visitors make journeys during Metro Tunnel construction.

You can find more information in the fact sheets below or by contacting RPV's Your Journey team.

Useful information and links

Public Transport

  • PTV's myki Commuter Club allows organisations to buy yearly myki passes for staff at a 10 percent discount.



  • Victoria Walks has developed Smart Steps for Business, offering advice and tips to get workplaces walking.
  • The Steptember annual charity event, run by Cerebral Palsy Alliance challenges people to take 10,000 steps a day for 28 days.
  • Diabetes Australia Walk to Work Day is an annual event that helps employers and employees to build regular walking into their daily routine.

Information sessions and events

RPV will be organising a number of workshops and drop-in sessions for organisations to provide advice on potential transport impacts and travel options for staff, customers and suppliers.

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Stay in touch

To find out more about how RPV can provide travel support to your organisation please contact the Your Journey team directly by emailing, or Sign up for Your Journey business updates and information.