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Metro Tunnel

Community group booking terms and conditions

Metro Tunnel HQ is an initiative of Rail Projects Victoria, the division of the Major Transport Infrastructure Authority responsible for the planning and delivery of the Metro Tunnel Project.

Community tours at Metro Tunnel HQ ( Metro Tunnel HQ Tours ) are offered free of charge.

Confirming your reservation

      1. Once you have submitted your online booking enquiry, a Metro Tunnel HQ representative will be in touch to further clarify your needs, identify availability, and confirm your booking.
      1. Metro Tunnel HQ reserves the right to modify your booking in response to extreme weather conditions. Extreme weather conditions such as high temperatures, wet weather or stormy weather, may impact certain Metro Tunnel HQ Tour activities, for example the opportunity to take a walk to view the Town Hall Station construction site. In these circumstances, Metro Tunnel HQ will endeavour to:

        a) substitute impacted Metro Tunnel HQ Tour activities with alternative activities; or
        b) re-schedule your booking to a more suitable time.

Amending your reservation

      2. Please advise Metro Tunnel HQ in writing of any changes to your booking, including:
          a) changes to the number of persons attending: Metro Tunnel HQ will attempt to accommodate your request but please be aware that:

            i. Metro Tunnel HQ can only accommodate up to 30 people at one time; and
            ii. materials for Metro Tunnel HQ Tours are prepared in advance in accordance with booking numbers. Failure to notify Metro Tunnel HQ of a change in booking numbers may impact on your Metro Tunnel HQ Tour experience; and

          b) changes to start time: Metro Tunnel HQ will attempt to accommodate your request but please be aware that Metro Tunnel HQ may have to shorten, cancel or re-schedule your booking if a change to start time will impact staff availability or another Metro Tunnel HQ tour booking.

Your responsibilities

      3. Each person participating a Metro Tunnel HQ tour must comply with any lawful and reasonable direction given by a Metro Tunnel HQ representative while at the Metro Tunnel HQ premises.
      4. Persons under the age of 18 attending a Metro Tunnel HQ Tour must be accompanied by a supervising adult.
      5. Each person participating in a Metro Tunnel HQ Tour indemnifies Rail Projects Victoria against all loss, damage and costs incurred, sustained or suffered by Metro Tunnel HQ arising out of or in connection with or as a consequence of, whether directly or indirectly, the entry or presence of the person at Metro Tunnel HQ premises or any failure by the person to comply with these Metro Tunnel HQ Community Booking Terms and Conditions. *

*A certificate of currency of Metro Tunnel HQ’s public liability insurance may be provided upon request.