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Metro Tunnel

Kings Way and Queens Road

As the major arterial route in the precinct, Kings Way and Queens Road was identified as the primary diversion route during construction of the new Anzac Station.

To ensure Kings Way and Queens Road can cater for the predicted increase in traffic, changes were made to the road to improve the efficiency of the network.

Kings Way

A number of intersections along Kings Way were upgraded to improve the traffic flow, efficiency and the safety of the network for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

Key changes included:

  • Traffic signal remodeling
  • Kerb works
  • Removal of right turn movements on some intersections
  • Water blasting existing line markings and installation of new line markings
  • Installation of new street lights
  • Installing new traffic directional signage at various locations along Kings Way to assist with driver decision making

Queens Road

A number of changes have also been implemented along Queens Road. Key changes will include:

  • Dynamic Lane Control to allow Queens Road to run more flexibly compared to the current fixed time of day for two/three lane operation
  • Traffic signal remodeling