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Metro Tunnel

Oversized deliveries

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The first of our two tunnel boring machines (TBMs), Millie, has now completed her journey from the Anzac Station site to South Yarra. TBM Alice is expected to break through in early October.

The TBMs are currently being disassembled inside the retrieval shaft in Osborne Street, South Yarra. The TBM parts are being transported via trucks back to the Anzac Station site for reassembly and relaunch towards the CBD.

Due to the size of these deliveries, trucks will need to travel outside normal hours.

The majority of trucks transporting TBM parts will arrive at the Anzac Station site and be unloaded inside the acoustic shed using the gantry crane. If there is not enough room to unload the parts inside the shed, they will be unloaded during normal construction hours, however some parts require the use of large trailers and need to be unloaded on site as soon as they arrive. All deliveries will take place between 1am and 5am.

Some over-height deliveries will also require a short-term closure of St Kilda Road between Toorak Road and Linlithgow Avenue. In these instances, tram wires will need to be raised to allow the TBM parts to pass underneath and into the site (see map).

Transportation dates are subject to change. To help local residents stay informed, delivery dates are shown below and updated daily.

TBM Part Delivery Schedule

(Note: Subject to change)

Two TBM tailskins will be transported from Footscray to Domain between 1am – 5am on Monday 21 September. Due to their size, these must be unloaded immediately outside of the acoustic shed.

More information

Read more about the TBM retrieval process (PDF, 596.9 KB).

Read more about the TBM deliveries (PDF, 411.7 KB).

Route maps

Oversized transport routes map

St Kilda Road temporary detour map