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Metro Tunnel

Travel advice for workplaces

Rail Projects Victoria (RPV) has a team of transport advisors to help keep your workplace moving while major construction of the Metro Tunnel is underway.

While the new tunnels and stations are built, road and public transport networks will be busier than normal and that could have an impact on four key areas of your workplace:

  • Staff travel to and from the workplace
  • Travel for your customers or other visitors
  • Deliveries, collections and supplier access
  • Business travel

How we can help

Every organisation is unique and may be affected by the construction of the Metro Tunnel in different ways. We can help your organisation keep moving and mitigate the impacts by:

  • Assisting you in developing a travel action plan for your workplace
  • Undertaking travel surveys to understand how your employees and visitors travel to and from the workplace
  • Providing up to date information about transport changes
  • Presenting to your employees, executive team and building managers
  • Sending you regular e-newsletters
  • Promoting public transport, cycling and walking at your workplace

For large organisations tailored one-to-one advice is available from a dedicated travel advisor. To find out more information please contact us.

Travel advice for your organisation

These travel advice information booklets for organisations focus on the ways you could help keep your organisation moving while major construction is underway.

RPV has a range of resources and ideas for workplaces, universities, schools and hospitals to assist in supporting their employees, students, patients and visitors journeys during Metro Tunnel construction. Examples are designed to prompt you to think about adapting your existing arrangements or implementing new solutions that suit how your workplace operates. You are best placed to know what will work most efficiently

You can find more information in the fact sheets below or contact us.

Develop a Travel Action Plan

Developing a tailored travel action plan will help your organisation plan ahead for transport disruptions and be more resilient to transport impacts.

A travel action plan is a package of initiatives tailored to suit an organisation so the transport needs of staff, visitors, patients, students and/or suppliers can be managed – particularly during the construction of the Metro Tunnel. Every organisation's plan will be different and contain a mix of sustainable options that enable people to travel efficiently and safely to and from your workplace.

You can find more information in the fact sheets below or contact us.

Surveying your staff & visitor travel behaviours

Undertaking a travel survey of your staff and / or visitors can help you understand travel behaviours, plan more effective initiatives and monitor performance.

RPV has already helped several organisations survey their staff and visitors. If you would like to know please contact us.

Useful links

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  • Victoria Walks has developed Smart Steps for Business, offering advice and tips to get workplaces walking.
  • The Steptember annual charity event, run by Cerebral Palsy Alliance challenges people to take 10,000 steps a day for 28 days.
  • Diabetes Australia Walk to Work Day is an annual event that helps employers and employees to build regular walking into their daily routine.