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Metro Tunnel

CBD North early stage works


[Animation showing the intersection of Swanston Street and Franklin Street in the CBD]

Construction is underway on the Metro Tunnel Project, creating space in the City Loop to run more trains, more often on lines across Melbourne.

[Animation showing the closure of Franklin Street and A'Beckett Street]

Parts of Franklin Street and A'Beckett Street are now closed to traffic for many years. These roads will be transformed into massive construction sites to build the new CBD North Station, connecting directly to Melbourne Central Station.

[Animation showing the construction of a shaft 35 metres deep, 60 metres long and 20 metres wide between Melbourne City Baths and RMIT University]

We will be digging 35 metres below the ground.

[Animation shows a road header machine lowered to the bottom of the shaft to then dig out the station and tunnels under Swanston Street]

Tunnel Boring Machines will be used outside of the CBD to build the 9km tunnels.

Roadheaders will be lowered into the ground to dig between the two new CBD stations. This construction approach minimises disruption and trams will continue to run up and down Swanston Street during construction.

[Animation shows the roadheader digging out the tunnel and dissolves into a view of the completed tunnel with a train running through it.]