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Metro Tunnel

CBD station construction animation


[This video features an animated look at how stations will be built under Swanston Street as part of the Melbourne Metro Rail Project.]

Caption: Two new Melbourne Metro rail tunnels will be constructed beneath Swanston Street

[Animation shows that the alignment running down Swanston Street and the locations of CBD South station (corner of Flinders Street) and CBD North (corner of La Trobe Street).]

Caption: Both new CBD stations will be built underground, greatly reducing disruption to the city.

[Animation shows that buildings will be removed on Swanston street to create a construction site. Trams continues to use Swanston Street and cars can cross Swanston Street on La Trobe Street.]

Caption: We will build shafts adjacent to Swanston Street and then dig caverns underground from the side that will house the new CBD stations.

[Animation shows that construction of shafts adjacent to Swanston Street and the excavation of space for a new railway station.]

Caption: CBD North's platforms will be fully connected to Melbourne Central Station

[Animation shows that the new Melbourne Metro tunnels go under the existing City Loop tunnels near Melbourne Central. Pedestrian concourses link both stations.]

Caption: Traffic will continue to flow in the centre of the city while Melbourne Metro is built underneath

[Animation shows the corner of La Trobe Street and Swanston Street with trams, cars and pedestrians using Swanston Street as construction continues.]