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Metro Tunnel

Tunnels and Stations work package

Melbourne Metro Rail Authority would like to thank Patrick Cashin from MTA Capital Construction, Crossrail London, MRT Malaysia (Mass Rapid Transit Corporation) and Herrenknecht for supplying images used in this video.


[Vision: Map of the Metro Tunnel]


The world's best construction companies have been shortlisted to build the Metro Tunnel.

The Tunnel and Stations contract includes the excavation and fit-out of twin nine-kilometre tunnels and five new stations at Arden, Parkville, CBD North, CBD South and Domain.

[Vision: Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) icon appears at Arden and Domain with arrows animated in both directions (left and right) from each location. Roadheader icon appears at CBD North and CBD South with arrow animated under the CBD from each.]

Tunnel Boring Machines and roadheaders will be used to construct the Metro Tunnel from 2018.

Up to six TBMs will be needed outside the CBD and under the Yarra River with roadheaders used under Swanston Street.

[Vision: Examples of TBMs in use in other cities.]

TBMs are used around the world including London, New York, Malaysia and Singapore.

[Vision: 3D animated view of TBM being assembled. Cutter head and shield appear.]

The rotating cutter head excavates through the ground.

[Vision: Rock and soil removal conveyor appears.]

A conveyor belt or pipe carries the excavated rock and soil to the back of the Tunnel Boring Machine. Vehicles can then transport the material out of the tunnel.

[Vision: Conveyor belt carrying concrete segments appears.]

Pre-cast concrete segments line and support the tunnel floor.

[Vision: Assembled TBM rotating.]

TBMs can measure more than one hundred metres in length, move about ten metres per day and weigh up to one thousand tonnes.

[Vision: TBM operating underground.]

Construction on this massive city shaping project begins soon, with the tunnelling works starting in 2018.

[Vision: Train running through completed tunnel.]

Melbourne needs the Metro Tunnel and the best construction companies in the world will build it.