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Metro Tunnel

CBD station construction announcement video


Jacinta Allan – Minister for Public Transport:

[Vision:  Jacinta Allan speaking, intercut with images of trams on Swanston Street]

The Government is absolutely determined to deliver this important, critical piece of infrastructure. But also too doing it in a way that looks at how we can minimise disruption above ground, keep the city flowing, keep traffic moving through the city, keep the trams running down Swanston Street, whilst we're delivering this critical project.

[Animation shows that the alignment running down Swanston Street and the locations of CBD South station (corner of Flinders Street) and CBD North (corner of La Trobe Street).]

The construction approach that's been taken here on Swanston Street is to construct the station boxes, CBD South down here between Collins and Flinders, and CBD North between La Trobe and Franklin Streets.

[Animation shows that construction of shafts adjacent to Swanston Street and the excavation of space for a new railway station. Animation shows the corner of La Trobe Street and Swanston Street with trams, cars and pedestrians using Swanston Street as construction continues.]

They will be constructed using a mine cabin approach which is excavating a large hole adjacent to Swanston Street where the construction work will then go in and underneath, mine out the station boxes and connect underneath the two stations with tunnelling technology. This approach has been determined to be a superior one because of the techniques that can be used underneath the city that means the city continues to flow. The CBD can continue to function, traders can continue to operate, whilst the work is going on primarily underground.

Robert Doyle – Lord Mayor of Melbourne:

[Vision: Robert Doyle speaking, intercut with images of pedestrians and trams using Swanston Street]

I've said before that I think this project is the most important infrastructure project in Australia. There's no doubt that smart cities tackle big infrastructure projects, but really smart cities plan for the disruption that those projects inevitably bring. And today's announcement means that although there will still be considerable disruption it will be minimised, particularly along the world's busiest tram route. We'll build this project but the city will continue to operate with minimal disruption compared to what was going to happen.