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Metro Tunnel

Early works announcement


[Vision:  Timelapse transport scenery throughout Melbourne]

Daniel Andrews - Premier of Victoria:

[Vision:  Workmen working on footpath]

Today I'm really pleased to announce that an expression of interest for early works, early important construction works to move power, water, stormwater, gas and a whole range of other services, to relocate those services from the Melbourne Metro alignment.

[Vision:  Machinery digging trench - workmen]

That expression of interest will go to the market tomorrow. We expect that that program of works will be in the order of $300m.  Of course there's a tender process to be gone through, but that will be the order of it.  It's a very significant investment and it just shows that we are wasting no time at all.

[Vision:  Trams in city]

Not one day will be wasted in delivering a world-class public transport system for the world's most liveable city.

Jacinta Allan - Minister for Public Transport:

Protecting around 150 different sorts of utility services underneath the ground is so important to do this work now, to get this EOI out to market now, to see these works undertaken in 2017.

[Vision:  Plan showing path of new construction works Domain to Kensington]

But most critically be completed by 2018 so we can hit the ground running with the major construction program that is scheduled to start in 2018.

So it's a big job, it's going to mean there will be some disruption, particularly in and around the areas of the portal entrances.

[Vision:  Plan showing key sites]

But we have to do this now, and provide this program of works, so that we can see Melbourne Metro up and running.