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Metro Tunnel

EES on public exhibition announcement


Daniel Andrews - Premier of Victoria:

[Vision: Artist's impression of Arden Station, public space]

It's all about getting it done, and today with the release of the 7,000 page EES documentation we provide the detail, the really fine detail about those five new station sites, the access points, the egress points, the impact this will have on public space, on the road network, on the existing public transport network. It is clear that there will be disruption for years to come.

[Daniel Andrews speaking]

But we will have benefits for decades to come.

[Vision: Daniel Andrews viewing plan, bus and tram]

Jacinta Allan - Minister for Public Transport:

The release of the Environmental Effect Statement documents provide a really rich amount of information for the community to see, both the size and scale of this project, but also to get a deeper understanding of where the stations will be located, what the alignment is, and also too, some of those impacts that the Premier spoke of.

[Vision: Artist's impression of escalators and station]

Because there is no doubt there is going to be a period of disruption on the road network. There is going to be the requirement for some temporary road closures. There's going to be the need to use some open space during the construction phase.

As the people will have the opportunity to look in more detail at the document, I hope people can see that every effort has been made by the authority to minimise above ground disruption.

[Vision: Pedestrians, tram]

In addition to the extensive community consultation that's already been undertaken by the authority, there'll be a further 12 information sessions that people can learn more about the project.

[Vision: Tram and traffic]

And the documentation will be on display at a number of sites around the city.

[Vision: Animation of underground tunnels and trains]

Evan Tattersall - CEO MMRA:

Once we get our planning approvals in place, we're hoping that will be by early next year, we'll start to do more significant works, the shaft works we've spoken about will commence and then the major works, the tunnels, the station works proper will start in 2018 when we have our major contractor on board.