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Metro Tunnel

Major Projects Skills Guarantee Launch announcement


Jacinta Allan - Minister for Employment & Minister for Public Transport

Well look it's really a great pleasure to be here, to be joined by the Acting CEO of the Melbourne Metro Rail Authority, Peter Wilkinson, and seven of our new graduates who are about to embark on their professional careers working on an incredibly exciting project.

[Vision:  Photographers - graduates with Jacinta Allan - Jacinta Allan speaking - Plan of Melbourne Metro rail works - Major Projects Skills Guarantee sign]

And that is of course the Melbourne Metro Rail Project, and the initiative that we're announcing today, which is the launch of the Andrew's Labor Government Major Projects Skills Guarantee.

This is initiative is starting from the 1st January next year. 

[Vision:  Workmen on Melbourne Metro Rail]

We will be wanting to see at least 10% of the work done on these projects being undertaken by apprentices, trainees or engineering cadets.

[Vision:  Workmen on Melbourne Metro Rail - Jacinta Allan speaking and discussing works with workman and Premier Daniel Andrews]

As part of the contract and the tender requirements for all major projects above a $20m threshold, bidders will be required to demonstrate how they will deliver the Major Project Skills Guarantee.

[Jacinta Allan speaking - tram moving through city]

We've got a multi-billion dollar pipeline of projects that is really getting the city and the state moving again.

[Jacinta Allan speaking - graduates with Jacinta Allan - workmen on project]

Something that's really important I think, to think about how we cannot just build great infrastructure for the State of Victoria, but how we can invest in the next generation, so that apprentices will be able to look at these projects and say I started my apprenticeship and finished my apprenticeship on some of these projects because they'll span many years. And that's a great start.

[Vision:  Artist's impression of City Loop and works on the Metro Tunnel]

It also means that they'll go on and make a terrific contribution with their skills that they've gained on these major projects for many more years to come, on many other projects around the state.