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Metro Tunnel

Start of works announcement video


[Vision: Daniel Andrews and Jacinta Allan discussing plan]

Daniel Andrews - Premier of Victoria:

Today I'm very pleased to make two significant announcements. Firstly, we have brought forward $40m of that $300m in planning. That will be available right now to make sure that the planning work is done.

[Vision: The University of Melbourne and traffic]

The balance of the money will be delivered in the very first budget of our Government as we outlined.  But the bring forward of that money means that planning work doesn't have to wait until the beginning of the new financial year.

The second announcement today beyond the bring forward of that $40m is the Melbourne Metro Rail Authority. This is going to be the dedicated focus, the expertise…

[Vision: The University of Melbourne building and people walking downstairs]

…the hard work that is necessary to make this very big project the reality that Victorians want it to be.

[Vision: Plan of city loop showing where stations will be]

This is effectively a second city loop. This is five brand new stations. It's 20,000 extra passenger movements in the morning peak and the afternoon peak.

It's a train system and a public transport system in many respects, where no timetable is needed. This is about making sure that the world's most liveable city has a 21st century public transport system. It is a $9-11 billion project, that's the numbers that Infrastructure Australia have put on it. It remains Infrastructure Australia's number one infrastructure priority for our state. It is 3½ thousand jobs. It is a very significant undertaking. It's the biggest investment, the biggest transformation of our public transport system since the original city loop was constructed in the early eighties.

[Vision: People crossing road]

Jacinta Allan - Minister for Public Transport:

What we are announcing today is the bringing forward of $40m of our $300m commitment to this project, to undertake the detailed planning work that is just so vital to make sure this project is delivered within the timeframes that we need it to be. So we're establishing the Melbourne Metro Authority, that Authority will oversee the finalisation of the business case.

[Vision: Plan showing new stations]

There is work to be done to refresh that business case and make sure that alongside of that the detailed planning work is done, the engineering work is done, the site assessment's done. And also importantly too, the community consultation is undertaken on the finalisation of the route and the design. That is a big job and that's why we don't want to waste one single moment in getting this project underway.