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Metro Tunnel

Next generation signalling announcement


Daniel Andrews - Premier of Victoria:

This is an Australian first, the rollout of high capacity signalling for our metropolitan public transport network.

[Slide: High Capacity Signalling (HCS) is coming to the Melbourne rail network]

The expression of interest will go out today.

[Slide: Drawing of train - HCS is advanced train signalling - HCS Controller safely reduce distance]

Contracts will be signed in the first half of next year, and construction will begin by the end of next year.

This is a billion dollars of investment, in running more trains more often.

[Slide: 20 Trains per hour - it means more trains can run closer together every hour - Daniel Andrews speaking]

What this means is we can run 30 trains an hour, so that's 10 more trains per hour than we currently run, because we can use the best technology to run them closer together safely, as well as making sure that we've got the best communications, the best system really, a world class system, just the same as in Hong Kong, Tokyo, other great cities of the world. That's what the Metro Tunnel is all about, making sure that one of the truly great cities of the world, Melbourne, has a truly great public transport system.

[Slide: The Metro Tunnel will be built with High Capacity Signalling]

[Vision: Indicative image of tunnel]

Jacinta Allan - Minister for Public Transport:

The rail systems alliance that we're releasing to market today, it's a billion dollars' worth of works. And it's the technology, it's the signalling, the control systems that we need once the Metro Tunnel is fully operational.

[Vision: pedestrians crossing road]

It's also so that we can have the systems ready for when Metro Tunnel commences.