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Metro Tunnel

September information sessions


Jacinta Allan - Minister for Public Transport"

What we're announcing here today is that the Melbourne Metro Rail Authority are starting their next phase of consultation.

[Vision: Pedestrians]

Already there's been an extensive amount of information provided out into the community about this project.

[Vision: Trams in city; pedestrians crossing road and skyline]

There have been 21,000 letters are being sent out by the Authority to people who are either homeowners, property owners, residents or traders along the project corridor, informing them that during the construction and then the completion of this project, that they may experience some disruption through the construction phase.

[Vision: Construction workers]

So we're wanting to keep people really well-informed, and that's why this information has gone out today.

[Vision: Time lapse of city traffic and pedestrians]

We need this project because we know we need to significantly boost the public transport capacity of the inner part of our public transport system.

But also too, as we do these works we want to make sure people are fully understanding of what may or may not happen in their neighbourhood, in their street, in their community and that's what this consultation phase is all about.

[Vision: Robert Doyle speaking with Jacinta Allan and discussing map]

Robert Doyle - Lord Mayor of Melbourne:

This is a very robust consultation process and certainly not the end of it, so we too would encourage people who get these letters and think they may be affected, to go and find out more information about what is, I believe, the most important infrastructure project, not just in our city, not just in our State but in Australia.