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Metro Tunnel

Start of geotechnical investigations video


Daniel Andrews - Premier of Victoria:

Thanks very much for being here today on what is such a significant occasion to mark the beginning of geotechnical works for the Melbourne Metro Rail Project.

[Vision: Geotechnical drilling for soil samples and Premier talking with worker, Jacinta Allan listening]

This is the first step towards a train system where you don't need a timetable, you simply turn up and go. A world class public transport system for the world's most liveable city.

I want to make it clear to you that in next Tuesday's budget $1.5 billion will be invested in all the work that needs to be done to get us to the major construction phase. The architectural work, the engineering, design, moving services so water, gas, power.

[Vision: Trams in Swanson Street]

The money to move the Swanson Street tram route and to realign that very busy tram route.

[Vision: Geotechnical drilling in progress getting soil samples]

And of course geotechnical work on a scale that we've not seen before, 140 different sites just like this one, drilling down to a depth of some 50 metres, getting a soil sample so that all of the geotechnical considerations can be made, so we get the best design and the very best outcome.

[Vision: Worker removing soil samples and packing samples overseen by Premier]

The drilling starts today because this Government is providing $1.5 billion to make the Melbourne Metro Rail Project, such an important project for our city and our State, the important reality that we promised it would be.

[Vision: Plan showing route and position of stations - model of CBD North Station]

This is nine kilometres of track, five brand new stations, 20,000 extra passengers being able to be moved each peak, a train system where you don't need a timetable. It will transform our public transport system.

[Vision: Model of Arden Station future urban development precinct]

That's our vision, that's our plan, and work starts today.

[Vision: Model - Access to Melbourne University and Hospitals - Parkville Station and new Tram/Train Interchange at Parkville Station]

Jacinta Allan - Minister for Public Transport:

What does this $1½ billion budget commitment mean for this project?

[Vision: Drilling rod and workers using equipment; Trams and traffic]

It means that in addition to the vital geotechnical work that needs to be undertaken, getting the samples done along the alignment, making sure that we understand the services that are underground that need to be moved, the undertaking of the early tram works and the tram realignments.

[Vision: Model - Access to RMIT - CBD North Station - Sign in model Direct Connection to Melbourne Central Station]

It also provides the funding necessary to get the EOI out to market, the Expression of Interest out to market in 2016.

[Vision: Model - Direct Connection to Flinders Street Station - CBD South Station]

We have the Request for Tender documents prepared, and to see that major construction work start in 2018.

This is a significant commitment, a significant demonstration of our passion for this project, and I'm just thrilled to be with the Premier today to announce yet another major milestone for the Great Melbourne Metro Project.