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Metro Tunnel

Tunnelling under the Yarra River announcement


Daniel Andrews - Premier of Victoria:

I'm very pleased to be able to report significant progress on the Melbourne Metro Rail Project, a project that's going to transform our public transport system and protect the liveability and the quality of life of our city.

[Vision: Metro Tunnel alignment map]

It's going to play a really big part in keeping Melbourne, the world's most liveable city.

[Vision: Yarra River picture and real view]

We will tunnel underneath the Yarra.

[Vision: Artists impression of Yarra River and where tunnel will be; artist's impression of CBD North Station]

The total depth will be at about 11 metres, a project that has five new stations, nine kilometres of track and what's more the capacity to carry 20,000 extra passengers every hour.

[Vision: Passengers entering station]

So there is $4.5 billion committed right now to this important project.

[Vision: Daniel Andrews and Jacinta Allan holding photo of proposed tunnel]

We're not wasting a moment in building a much better public transport system for Melbourne and for Victoria.

[Vision: View of Yarra River]

The decisions that have been made in terms of going underneath the Yarra with Tunnel Boring Machines - very little impact.

[Vision: Daniel Andrews and Jacinta Allan holding photo of proposed tunnel]

Jacinta Allan - Minister for Public Transport:

Crossing the Yarra is one of the more complex parts of the Melbourne Metro Rail Project which is obviously a massive project with the construction of twin nine kilometre tunnels along the route.

[Vision: Artist's impression of train; overview of New Melbourne Metro Rail Tunnels; Swanston St/Flinders Lane signpost]

The Yarra is at about three to four metres in depth at this point.

[Vision: Site investigations sign]

The tunnels will sit seven metres below that.

[Vision: Machinery and workers on site]

That approach has really been identified as the preferred approach in this instance because it does minimise the disruption above ground as much as possible.

The consultation part, the going out and talking to people is a key part of the work that the Melbourne Metro Authority are doing, as well as getting on with finalising the business case which will be done at the end of the year, and really drilling down and identifying how to deal with this complex project.

[Vision: Tunnel Boring Machines have specialised cutting heads designed to grind through soil and rock; artist's impression of train using tunnel]

But an exciting project that will involve, which I'm sure will have everyone very interested, the tunnel boring machines going under the Yarra to complete this very exciting project that will transform Melbourne's and Victoria's public transport system.

[Vision: Train and train station; cut through view of train line; artist's impression of Arden Station]

Daniel Andrews:

There's a big knot at the centre of the system at the moment, and that's the current loop, to effectively double the city loop, those five new station precincts, those 20,000 extra passengers being able to move every hour of the peak, this is going to be a much better public transport system.

[Vision: Artist's impression of Domain Station and cut through vision]

And frankly it's the world's most liveable city should aspire to. The scale of this is huge. It's what all the great cities of the world are doing. And it's what our great city, the greatest city, Melbourne should be doing.