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Metro Tunnel

Yarra River geotechnical investigations announcement


[Animation of the Metro Tunnel alignment]

James Merlino - Acting Premier of Victoria:

As you can see in the Yarra River behind me, a barge is there drilling boreholes.

[Vision: Barge - Metro Tunnel sign and Ministers talking]

We are not wasting a single day in this project.

[Vision: Barge on Yarra River and workers]

The single largest public transport project in the history of our State.

[Vision: Workers on barge - artist's impression of beneath Yarra River]

This work will continue over the course of the next six weeks, drilling 12 boreholes up to 35 metres deep.

[Vision: Artist's impression of boreholes and tunnel construction]

This is vital work that will inform the final design of the twin tunnels that will be the Melbourne Metro Rail Project.

Evan Tattersall - CEO of Melbourne Metro Rail Authority:

It's all about fine tuning our understanding of the geotechnical conditions.

[Vision: Time lapse photography of drilling boreholes]

That's what we're doing here. There's good solid basalt where they're drilling at the moment.

[Vision: Map of borehole locations]

And our need for these 12 boreholes is to understand exactly where that basalt is, just to firm up our design.

James Merlino - Acting Premier of Victoria:

[Vision: Barge on Yarra River]

This is a $9 to $11b project, already the Andrew's Labor Government has committed $4.5b.

Luke Donnellan - Acting Minister for Public Transport:

[Vison: Melbourne skyline]

This is about dealing with a total transport system. These are major transformative projects which are required to continue to make our city the most liveable in the world.

James Merlino - Acting Premier of Victoria:

We're talking about upon completion, 12,000 extra passenger movements in Melbourne's peak period.

[Vision: Time lapse of passengers at station- artist's impression of tunnel - location of underground stations]

The construction of the twin tunnels, five underground stations, this will transform our city and transform our State.