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Metro Tunnel

Working on the Melbourne Metro Rail Project


[Vision: Woman standing at a desk. People in an office setting]

Paul Dixon – Senior Project Manager (Engineering):

Anyone that's worked on a big project like this has got a sense of pride. Every time I've been back to Singapore, Hong Kong, and I look at the systems. I was like, "I was involved in that".

So I think that's the greatest achievement of a job like this, that you're very proud of the legacy that you've left for the next hundred or so years.

[Vision: Animation of trains running beneath Melbourne in the Metro Tunnel]

Lachlan Lee Archer – CBD Station Precinct Manager:

It's a really exciting opportunity to work on Melbourne Metro. It's a once in a generation project. It's just amazing to have the chance to work on something like this in my own city.

Joseph Thom – EES and Approvals Manager:

It's incredibly inspiring to be working with a team that has such a sense of mission and are so focused on delivering the project.

[Vision: People interacting in an office]

Nina Michaelides – Senior Project Engineer:

It's really exciting working on a project with such a large group of dedicated people, who all feel strongly about Melbourne growing into a city that's got a great public transport system.

[Vision: Train stopping at Melbourne Central station, people on escalator]

Nadine Makin – Design Manager:

I guess it's one of those projects that are going to define our city going forward.

The City Loop, I guess, is probably the last one that's I can probably put in the same category.

And I imagine that this being the first, sort of I guess "metro-style infrastructure" it's going to have that sort of step-change effect as well.

[Vision: Artists' impressions of CBD South and Parkville stations]

Katie Watt – Manager, Land Planning and Environment:

It is great to work on a public transport project that has so much community support. I think it'll be really nice to look back in 20 years and go, "I was part of that".

[Vision: People inspecting maps and documents]

James Sutherland – Senior Manager Transaction & Procurement:

Being on the project for a while, you tend to get desensitised to the size and the scope of the project. I like walking around the floor and just seeing a new person arrive and see the kind of wide-eyed type of expression when they learn about the sheer magnitude and the scale of a $10.9bn project.

[Vision: Young people laughing and conversing]

Paul Dixon – Senior Project Manager (Engineering):

There's a lot of young people - engineers, graduates – that are working on the Melbourne Metro Project. The greatest achievement for me would be to see these young engineers, these young graduates, come through and be future aspiring managers.

David Anderson – Development Director:

These big projects, they attract the best people in our industry. And it's always great working with good people. So developing a great sense of teamwork on these major projects, as we're doing here in this office in the centre of Melbourne, to develop this project just makes it a very enjoyable experience.

[Vision: Staff in the office]

James Tonkin – Director, Communications & Stakeholder Relations:

This project is going to be city changing. It's going to have such a positive impact on the city, for such a long time. We're just really proud to be a small part of such an important project.

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