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Metro Tunnel

Keeping Melbourne Moving

[Title: Keeping Melbourne Moving]

[Vision: Flinders Street Station]

Paul Dixon – Senior Project Manager:

Building a station in a major city is like open heart surgery. We've got to keep the body moving, the city moving, the blood pumping. We can't just stop everything dead. So we're keeping the city moving as much as possible.

[Vision: Time lapse of traffic near the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Parkville]

Lachlan Lee-Archer – CBD Station Precinct Manager:

To manage traffic disruptions during construction, we'll be working with VicRoads and the City of Melbourne on diversion strategies to get people around to where they want to go.

[Vision: Cranes lifting equipment in the air. Road works and traffic. Aerial shot of trams running along Bourke Street]

Obviously, on a project of this scale there's some potential for short-term closures from time to time. La Trobe Street, Collins Street, Bourke Street trams will continue to operate as they do today and Flinders Street, there will need to be some closures.

Emmett Ahern – Senior Project Engineer:

There will be some disruptions on the likes of Flinders Street, where we're connecting the CBD South station to Flinders Street Station.

[Vision: Flinders Street Station]

We will be occupying city square for a number of years. Those are the sort of disruptions that we'll be seeing at CBD south.  

[Vision: City Square and St Paul's Cathedral. Animated aerial shot showing route between CBD South  and CBD North stations]

CBD north there will be a lot of work happening within Franklin Street. Alternatives will be put in place to make sure that people can still get around the city as they do today.

[Vision: Trams running outside City Baths]

Lachlan Lee-Archer – CBD Station Precinct Manager:

To construct the Domain Station under St Kilda Road, there is some impact to the Route 8 tram, which runs on Domain Road and we're proposing to re-route that tram to Toorak Road West between St Kilda Road and Park Street as part of the construction process.

[Vision: Domain Interchange tram stop, trams running along St Kilda Road]

Sarah Chapman – Senior Corporate Communications & Media Advisor

[Vision: Animated aerial shot showing route between Domain and the Cranbourne / Pakenham lines. Shot of pedestrians walking and close up of traffic lights. Shots of The Royal Women's and Royal Melbourne Hospitals]

So we'll be working really closely with the community including local businesses and residents to provide advanced notification of any disruptions and changes to the local area and making sure that they have all the information they need so that people can keep travelling and moving and working safely and efficiently around Melbourne.

Lachlan Lee-Archer – CBD Station Precinct Manager:

[Vision: Construction equipment being lifted]

Construction of the stations is really similar to a typical CBD construction site. It is a very large construction site so we don't shy away from the fact that people will notice us bringing materials in and out of the city.

[Vision: Large trucks driving through the city]

The intended approach for truck traffic in the CBD is to get it out of the Hoddle Grid as quickly as possible and onto the main arterial roads and freeway network.

[Vision: Escalators and platforms at Melbourne Central Station. Metro Tunnel animation]

Paul Dixon – Senior Project Manager:

In designing this project, we are going through a lot of detailed assessment on the constructability, the design, the layout, the impact to the public. So when we actually go to construction, we've got a very good idea what the impact will be.  

[Vision: Commuters boarding train]

There will be impacts. We're not living in a Harry Potter world. You can't wave a magic wand and then expect it to be happening overnight. There will be impact but we're trying to minimise the impact through the designs that were doing.

[Vision: A city building being constructed. Shot of train passing, close up of people getting off escalators. Cut to shots of Federation Square and Princes Bridge at night]

So keeping Melbourne moving - that will be on the back of the eyelids of everybody, is to try and keep things to a minimum so we reduce the impact but accelerate and move the construction ahead as quickly as we can.