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Metro Tunnel

Constructing under Swanston Street


[Title: Constructing under Swanston St]

Lachlan Lee-Archer – CBD Station Precinct Manager:

In developing the project to date, we've been talking to a lot of stakeholders in the CBD, including the City of Melbourne, RMIT, Federation Square and other businesses along Swanston Street to make sure we understand how they operate and how we need to protect those operations during the construction of the project.

[Vision: Time lapse at a Swanston Street intersection. Aerial shot of Melbourne with animation showing CBD stations]

Nadine Makin – Design Manager:

So we spent a lot of time looking at ways to minimise the disruption along Swanston Street – Swanston Street being the, I guess, the heart of Melbourne – and being a very central business, shopping, tourist district.

[Vision: Animation of future CBD North station being constructed and a cross-section of the ground and station platforms below]

So what we've chosen to do is cabin construction for the stations.

Lachlan Lee-Archer – CBD Station Precinct Manager:

So we're going deep below the road surface and trying to maintain traffic as much as possible.

The land under the city streets is really a spaghetti junction of utility services. There's Telstra services, water, gas, sewer, etc.

[Vision: Person walking near pipes underground. Shots of water and gas pipes]

What we've done with switching to the deep alignment for the project is we're able to build beneath those services, on the most part, and avoid the impact of digging that up.

[Vision: Pedestrians crossing and trams moving along Swanston Street]

Nadine Makin – Design Manager:

We'll be under Swanston Street but Swanston Street won't be dug up. You'll still have trams and pedestrians moving across the street during construction.

[Vision: Crossrail tunnelling footage. Cut to pedestrians walking on Swanston Street at night]

The tunnel between the two stations will be mined, so trams will continue to function, pedestrians will continue to walk around Swanston Street as they do today and shops and businesses will continue to operate.

 [Vision: Flinders Street and Melbourne Central Stations. Passengers on escalators and platforms]

Lachlan Lee-Archer – CBD Station Precinct Manager:

So the two CBD stations are being designed to connect into existing stations on the City Loop, so that people can interchange freely.

The CBD South station will connect to Flinders Street and you'll be able to interchange without coming out of the station and going back in.

And the CBD North station will interchange with Melbourne Central Station. So what we do there is build effectively deep basements to the side of the street and that gets us down to where the platform level is.

[Vision: Passengers walking off train onto platform. Cut to tram passing Melbourne Central Station]

We can then build across from those shafts to under the street and build platforms and concourse access, all from underground.

A key focus of our construction plan has been minimising disruption.

[Vision: Melbourne Central tram stop. Shots of trams, cyclists and the State Library of Victoria]

So Swanston Street will stay open for business. People will be able to catch trams, ride bikes, walk along the street, access businesses and cultural institutions and other things that happen in the city, as much as possible.