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Metro Tunnel

Graduate Program: Annie (Communications and Stakeholder Relations)


Hi, my name's Annie. I studied a Bachelor of Journalism at Monash University and I'm from Melbourne.

How did you find out about the graduate program?

In one word I would actually say "Snapchat". My friend Rosie was doing a summer internship at the Department of Premier and Cabinet and I saw some of her pictures.

I hadn't considered government jobs before that, so I just logged onto the Vic Gov Careers page and found that Melbourne Metro's applications were open at the time, and I applied.

Why did you choose Metro Tunnel?

It appealed to me because I've lived in Melbourne all my life and I'm driven to see a change in the future of the city.

The last year I took off from university and I got to see some of the world's most efficient rail networks across the world, including London, Japan and Hong Kong and I think, Melbourne, it's possible to be up there with the world's best.

How was the recruitment process?

I found the recruitment process was really thorough. I was surprised to see that I was able to talk about my experiences in retail, hospitality and volunteering as well.

So with the actual process itself, we got to submit a resume and a CV, answer a series of questions and then go in for a group interview.

And the HR team put us all at ease during the interview and it was actually, dare I say it, fun.

Tell us something interesting about yourself?

I once won an award for "Best Facial Hair". In high school, I auditioned for our school play in Year 12. It was Hamlet and I got the role of Polonius and for that, I got to wear a fake moustache made of real human hair.

What do you hope to get out of the Graduate Program?

I hope to learn as much as I can from the people around me. I've already picked out role models for myself – who I want to be a 25, 35, 55 and so on.

What have you found interesting so far?

I've had no previous experience with construction or engineering so coming from an arts background, I like to think that since I never became a doctor, engineer or lawyer that I'm somehow still fulfilling my parents' former dreams.

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