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Metro Tunnel

Graduate Program: Cameron (Civil Engineering)


My name's Cameron. I studied Civil Engineering and Commerce at Swinburne University and I'm from Melbourne.

How did you find out about the graduate program?

I got very lucky to find out about the Melbourne Metro Grad Program.

I was just cruising through Facebook one day and I noticed someone I didn't even know posted: "Hey guys, there's this grad program for a government authority and they have a lot of positions available."

And I clicked on it and I was just looking through it thinking, "This is exactly what I want to do." And I was lucky because it was only two days before the applications closed.

So I sort of cleared my schedule and then, you know, really worked hard at making sure the application was good.

Why did you choose Metro Tunnel?

I guess as a civil engineer, I've always wanted to work on big projects and given this is the biggest project in town, it was just exactly what I was after.

And I noticed there were a few opportunities for rotations through the program which is exactly what I wanted, to figure out exactly where I want to go in my career.

How was the recruitment process?

It was a really quick process and it was really good. We were informed all the way through what stage we were at, what the next phase would be.

The first phase was just an online application – references, resume, cover letter. And then after that, we went through a recorded online interview, as well as a group interview process.

I've never done either of those things so that was a pretty interesting time.

Tell us something interesting about yourself?

I once represented Australia in the team that competed in a space science competition that was held in Moscow, Russia. The competition was called "The International Space Olympics".

What do you hope to get out of the Graduate Program?

My goals coming into the program were obviously to develop my skills and experience in the industry and on the project.

But as well as that, I guess, to get a better idea of where I want to go in my career and that's why I really appreciate the opportunity to rotate through different areas of the organisation.

As an engineer, there are lots of different ways you can get to where you want to go and I think that really gives us a good opportunity.

What have you found interesting so far?

I found the most interesting part of the job so far is getting to go on tours of where the future stations and tunnels are going to be.

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