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Metro Tunnel

Graduate Program: Lucinda (Environmental Engineering)


I'm Lucinda. I studied at RMIT University and I'm from Melbourne.

How did you find out about the graduate program?

Not a very exciting story, actually. A friend just linked me to the government, the Victorian Government website page.

Why did you choose Metro Tunnel?

I was actually applying for every junior and graduate position that I came across.

So it wasn't until about halfway through the recruitment process that I realised how much I wanted to work with Melbourne Metro.

That was mainly for two reasons. First of all, this is an iconic Melbourne project and to start my career on this project would be an amazing foundation. And really, I couldn't picture a better way to start my career.

And the second reason was that I realised that I'd have a lot of training opportunities and experience to talk to new people and have a look at all the teams within the project.

So I knew that I'd get a better understanding of what I wanted to do and what pathway I really wanted to follow, in terms of engineering.

It was about halfway through when I realised that they are looking to people that fit the work ethic of Melbourne Metro and people that would work well together.

How was the recruitment process?

So for the engineers we had to submit our resume and academic history. Then, answer 12 situation-based questions and then we had to answer three to five automatic video questions and then, finally, there was the group interview with about 10 other participants.

So I actually thought I'd ruined the video interview. I bumbled my way through the answers and I thought, oh, you can definitely tell I was wearing pyjamas. But they asked me in to the final interview so I'm incredibly thankful for that.

Tell us something interesting about yourself?

I'm a big greenie. I have a veggie patch at home, which I'm a bit emotionally attached to. And I religiously keep a Keep Cup next to my desk for all coffee emergencies.

And I'm a big traveller as well. I spent most of last year travelling. So I was in Nepal and Central Europe before coming back to Melbourne to work.

What do you hope to get out of the Graduate Program?

Mainly, I want to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my career. When I got out of uni, I knew I really wanted to go into engineering still but I had no idea what that would actually include.

So being here and getting to talk to people from all different backgrounds and people who have who have really studied everything, who are all working on the same project.

It's really helping me to understand what I want to do and what need to do in terms of pathways to where I want to be as an engineer.

What have you found interesting so far?

I found that a lot of people view the Melbourne Metro Rail Project as their legacy. They want to work for the next ten years on this project and they feel that this will be the best part of their career.

So that enthusiasm, it really is shown in how they treat the graduates. Everyone is really willing to teach the graduate something and they see it an investment into the next generation of young railway professionals.

So I find that that's quite unique for a workforce. And it's really a fantastic place to start my career and and all the other graduates to start our careers.

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