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Metro Tunnel

Graduate Program: Nikki (Human Resources)


Hi I'm Nikki and I studied at Queensland University of Technology and I'm from Brisbane.

How did you find out about the graduate program?

So I saw the advertisement on LinkedIn and at that stage I didn't know much about the project but I researched it and I thought, "Hey that looks really cool".

Why did you choose Metro Tunnel?

Basically, the more I started looking into the project, the more attracted to it I became. I mean, it's a massive thing for Melbourne. It's equivalent of the London Underground, pretty much, and I wanted to be part of something that left a legacy for a city and that was this project.

How was the recruitment process?

The recruitment process happened really quickly. So I applied online, I answered all these questions about myself, about what I studied, my career aspirations and about everything I studied at uni.

So then I got a call a few weeks later from my current manager, and he said, "Hey, come to Melbourne for a group interview".

So I flew down, I went into the group interview, there were about 10 other HR graduates all competing for the one position. So it was quite competitive, a bit nerve wracking and we were given these projects and then we had to present to the panel.

And it seemed to go okay because I'm here now, so that's great.

Tell us something interesting about yourself?

So I'm currently writing a novel. It's about this young guy and he's navigating adulthood and just all these mistakes he makes on his way to I guess, reaching adulthood for real.

What do you hope to get out of the Graduate Program?

Since I've been here for the last four months, I've learnt more than I ever did in my whole degree.

Throughout the three rotations, I'll be learning about different areas of HR and OD, so for the first rotation, I've been focusing on a HR generalist base. And in the second rotation I'll move to Organisational Design and start working on Learning and Development initiatives.

In my third rotation, not sure where I'm going with that yet but time will tell and I'm very excited for it.

What have you found interesting so far?

Basically, coming into a massive new project, there is so much space for HR projects to start up fresh, from new. That's really exciting. And I've been working on the vacation program for university students. It's the first time we'll be running it and hopefully we'll get it up and running for December.

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