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Metro Tunnel

Graduate Program: Veronica (Land Planning & Environment)


My name is Veronica. I went to the University of Melbourne and I was born and raised in Melbourne.

How did you find out about the graduate program?

My old boss sent me the link and I just applied online.

Why did you choose Metro Tunnel?

After studying the history of cities and planning opportunities, it's kind of a dream to get to work on one of the biggest projects in Victoria's history. And hopefully that will improve the quality of life.

How was the recruitment process?

It was a little easier for the planning applicants. I just applied online with a couple of large answers and then came in for a group interview, and then they gave me a call.

Tell us something interesting about yourself?

After I finished Year 12, I went and moved to Israel for a year and as a part of this time, I volunteered at the African Resource Development Center in Tel Aviv. And I worked as an English teacher and food distribution officer.

And one of the biggest cultural differences I found which wasn't even, which was more funny than anything, was when I was teaching – with my housemates – a group of Eritrean men and we were trying to make English fun so we said, you know, "I'm going to a party and I'm bringing chocolates or I'm bringing flowers" and they were kind of like, "I don't know, why would we bring that to a party? I would bring a five-kilogram bag of rice and a slaughtered goat to the party".

And we were like, "Okay, well, a goat for this guy…"

And yeah, so it was just, kind of, a really interesting and fun experience.

What do you hope to get out of the Graduate Program?

I feel like I've already learnt so much in just four, five months and I've also gotten to meet such interesting and inspiring people who are so passionate and committed to this project, which is really exciting and it makes you excited to come into work everyday and see what's going to happen next.

What have you found interesting so far?

I've really enjoyed working on the tree data, even though it doesn't sound that interesting. It is actually a really great opportunity to understand the impact of the project.

There are ways that you can be creative and reuse the trees in different ways and work with community groups and councils to have, actually, a really positive impact and I find that really exciting and I'm really enjoying working here.

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