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Metro Tunnel

Business Case overview

There is a strong economic case for expanding the inner core of the Melbourne Rail network to meet current demand and expected growth. The Metro Tunnel will provide capacity to move an additional 39,000 passengers during each peak period.

Five new stations will be delivered at Arden, Parkville, CBD South, CBD North, and Domain.

Arden station will provide access to 12,000 jobs and 7,000 residents in 2031. It connects growth in Docklands, West Melbourne, Parkville, North Melbourne and the CBD.

Parkville is a national employment cluster, including health services, biotechnology, medical research, and education. The station provides access to 45,000 jobs, 14,000 residents, 70,000 tertiary students in 2031.

The Metro Tunnel will result in a decrease of 20% in crowding across all existing CBD stations. Melbourne's population has grown from 4.4 million in 2015 to 8 million by 2051. Annual trips on the rail network have increased from 89 million trips in 1980-81 to 227.5 million trips in 2014-15. Use of City Loop stations has increased from 580,000 a day in 2011 to 1.1 million a day in 2031.

Domain station will provide access to 33,000 jobs and 17,000 residents in 2031.

The Metro Tunnel delivers:

  • A new end-to-end Sunbury to Cranbourne/Pakenham Line.
  • Uplift in City Loop and inner network capacity that benefits the Cragieburn, Frankston, Sandringham, Upfield and Werribee lines.
  • Capacity to move 39,000 rail passengers during each period from Day One.
  • More trains, more often, less crowding, greater reliability.

Melbourne is growing and our public transport network must grow with it to safeguard our city's renowned liveability.