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Metro Tunnel

West Footscray Western Turnback Development Plan – Stage 1 (Rail Works)

The Rail Infrastructure Alliance (RIA) will build a new passenger platform and additional track at West Footscray station.

This new infrastructure, known as the Western Turnback, will enable trains to start and finish services at West Footscray station and help create more regular and reliable services between Melbourne’s CBD and the western suburbs.

Before works begin, a range of initial works are required within the rail corridor to prepare the site for future construction.

A draft Western Turnback Development Plan – Stage 1 (Rail Works) (PDF, 6.5 MB) setting out these works was available for public inspection and comment in November and December 2018.

The public display and feedback period for stage 1 has now closed. Feedback will be considered and the updated plan will be submitted to the Minister for Planning for approval.

The Stage 2 (Station Works) Development Plan is now available for public inspection and comment.

What we heard - Western Turnback Stage 1 (Rail Works) engagement

Between August and December 2018, the project engaged with stakeholders about the Western Turnback (Rail Works), including local and state agencies, local residents and businesses, rail commuters and the broader community.

The draft plan was on formal display for 15 business days between Monday 26 November 2018 and Friday 14 December 2018. All stakeholders were encouraged to review the draft Plan and to make a submission.

Feedback from the community gathered through engagement activities and online submissions highlighted the following as key interests:

  • Parking and cycling facilities
  • Potential disruption to train services
  • Potential night time noise impacts from works
  • Impacts to access
  • Strategic project and location justification
  • Potential tree and vegetation removal
  • Construction management approach

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