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Metro Tunnel

Application for Pre-Planning Advice

If you intend to construct a building or carry out works on land affected by Design and Development Overlays, it is recommended that you contact us for pre-planning advice.

If the proposal requires a planning permit, it is possible for Rail Projects Victoria (RPV) to provide an assessment prior to a planning application being lodged at Council.

We strongly support this 'pre-approval' approach as it gives certainty to the applicant, RPV and the Council. It would also exempt the need for a review by RPV as part of the planning permit assessment and may result in a planning decision sooner.

To arrange a meeting, please fill in your details in the form below (Step One) and then email us supporting materials (Step Two). We will provide a response within 14 days of receiving both sets of information.

Step one

Applicant information

What type of advice are you seeking from RPV? (required)

Address details of the proposed development

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