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Metro Tunnel

Sunbury Line Upgrade

The Sunbury Line Upgrade will enable more modern trains to run on the line.

It is a $2.1 billion investment in the future of the line. This project will maximise the benefits of the Metro Tunnel Project, allowing trains to run more frequently and carry more passengers.

Power upgrades and platform extensions are needed to enable High Capacity Metro Trains (HCMTs) to run on the line, which will have room for 113,000 more peak passengers every week when the Metro Tunnel is operational. The new trains will provide a more comfortable ride for passengers, with improved seating and standing areas, and cooling and heating designed for Melbourne’s weather.

These upgrades will ensure the new, high-capacity trains can reliably run from Cranbourne and Pakenham to Sunbury – linked through the CBD by the Metro Tunnel.

The Sunbury Line Upgrade will deliver

  • Power upgrades between Sunbury and the Metro Tunnel entrance near South Kensington station
  • Platform extensions at 10 stations between Sunbury and Footscray
  • Wheelchair boarding platforms at eight stations
  • Train stabling upgrades at Sunbury, Calder Park and Watergardens